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Duplication or Replication?

On this page you can find out what reproduction solution is best for your project.
Links are provided to guide you to the duplication and replication request forms.

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Request for quote

There are two ways for you to reproduce your CD/DVD project: duplication and replication.
We’ll give a short description of both and then a couple of guidelines to help you determine which is best for your particular project.

Which process is best for me?

The two processes will produce virtually identical product. The decision usually now revolves around quantity and timing.
A few suggestions:

  • If you need your project in under two weeks choose duplication
  • If you need less than 300 discs choose duplication (burning)
  • If you need 300 discs or more choose replication (pressing)

Overview of request forms

  Quantity < 300 Quantity > 300
CD project CD Duplication CD Replication
DVD project DVD Duplication DVD Replication
Shaped CD project Business Card CD / Shaped CD / Mini-CD / Mini-DVD

Superior quality

At MJK Disc Productions we believe that you want to focus on what is important to the success of your business developments and marketing.
We will work with you at every step of the way to make a superior product that you can be proud of.

Please fill in our RFQ forms for a personal quote or send us an e-mail at

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