Competitive prices

MJK Disc Productions offers quality short-run CD duplicating services, relieving you from the expense of in-house equipment or operators.

We offer fast, accurate short-run CD-ROM or DVD duplication at cost-effective pricing. All this in accordance with our high quality standards.

CD / DVD duplication

Duplication pricing

Prices largely depend upon the quantities you want to reproduce and the packaging (printing materials and housing). They are composed of several components:

  • Duplication process of the CD or DVD
  • Type of on-CD printing (2 colors, 4 or 5 colors)
  • Options for printing materials: number of pages of the booklet and number of colors of the printing material

Find out more about our packaging and printing options.

For duplication quantities less than 300, go to our CD Duplication quote or our DVD Duplication quote for requesting a quote from us that corresponds exactly to your requirements. You will receive our best prices by return.


Upon receipt of your print files, we’ll send you a PDF example for your approval.
Once approved, we will proceed with the CD Copying and the printing of your files.
Next step is the mounting of CD, print material and housing, followed by the packaging and shipping the final product to your address.

CD Duplication special offers

Each month we have special offers for the most popular combinations of printing and packaging.

This month’s offers

Visit our promotions page to discover our offers of the month!

Business CD or DVD

Do you need to distribute your catalogue, software, games or other data?
We offer professional CD/DVD reproduction in quantities between 10 and several thousands.

Use our website to find the best solution for your project or contact us for more details.

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