DVD packaging options

Superior quality

We offer a wide range of packaging options for your reproduction projects.
Choose the packaging of your choice!

If you’re looking for a different kind of packaging than what is put available on our website, please contact us through our online form or by e-mail.


We offer a variety of packaging options, available for either process:

  • Jewel box/case (standard box)
  • Slimline box
  • MultiBox
  • 2-piece box (black, white or transparant tray)
  • Papersleeve
  • Papersleeve with window
  • Plastic sleeve
  • Carton sleeves
  • Bulk (on spindles)

CD and DVD production

MJK Disc Productions has been specialized in CD duplication and replication for more than 10 years now.
DVD ‘s have recently completed our offer. We provide top quality CD and DVD duplication or replication, depending upon your volumes.

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