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CD and DVD logos

Should you decide to design your artwork yourself and not make use of our graphical services, do make use of our freely available templates to avoid problems.

We highly recommend you to read through at least our
guidelines and requirements
print specifications for CD
print specifications for DVD

Check out all the documents in this print area in case you have no experience preparing artwork for print or make use of our graphical services to save time and to avoid problems.

CD and DVD logos

Download the Compact Disc and DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) logos for your artwork here!

  • Right-click the link to the file needed and choose “Save as”.
  • Contact us by e-mail at , via our online contactform or by phone at +32 (0)16 89 37 35 should you encounter problems with how to use these logos.
  • The compact disc logo is property of and licensed by Philips Electronics nv.
    The DVD logo is controlled by the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation of Japan.
    Please refer to their website and specifications and adhere to their terms and conditions if you decide to use their logo’s on your artwork.
EPS formaat
Compact Disc cd_logo.eps


Enchanced CD cd_enhanced_logo.eps


Parental Advisory parental_advisory.eps



(Digital Versatile Disc)



Use our DTP-services

If your files are designed and ready to go but you used Photoshop or a 3rd party template, send us your Photoshop or other image files (TIFF, BMP, EPS), font files or whatever else you have, and for an additional charge we can mount into our templates (based on workable formats).
Prices vary from project to project and depend on the amount of layout work is necessary.
Additional charges for any adjustments needed and inserts over 8 pages.

Contact us by using our online contact form or send us an e-mail for more information about our graphical design services. You can also call us at +32 (0)16 89 37 35.

Layout guide

Our specifications and templates are available here.

Graphical services

High quality artwork

MJK Graphical Services has extensive experience in graphical design and DTP (DeskTop Publishing).
We guarantee a skillful design and layout of your graphical artwork for your optical disc production of choice.

Graphical services

High quality artwork

MJK Disc Productions offers high quality graphical services at cost-effective pricing.

Our graphical services help you with preparing your artwork for your duplication or replication project.
They include:

  • Page layout composition
  • Photo Scanning & Retouching
  • Graphics design
  • Logo design

CD artwork

Graphics design includes designing spec sheets, plans and diagrams of equipment, illustrations and figures.

Qualtiy results and customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our DTP department is equipped with advanced, up-to-date tools and software and is led by skilled professionals.

The design and layout of your artwork will be guided by creative thought and professional insight in order to satisfy your need for high quality artwork for your CD, DVD or Shaped-CD productions.

CD and DVD production

MJK Disc Productions has been specialized in CD duplication and replication for more than 10 years now.
DVD ‘s have recently completed our offer. We provide top quality CD and DVD Duplication or replication, depending upon your volumes.

DTP Introduction

High quality printing

Our graphical design department can design and prepare all the artwork for you.

Contact us by e-mail at
or by calling us at +32 (0)16 89 37 35 for more information about our graphical design services.

The production of printing is in many cases just as important as making the perfect CD or DVD. The printed matter in combination with the right packaging largely determines your products image. After all, you know which target group you wish to reach and the image you wish your product to portray. And, naturally, it is a way to distinguish your product from that of the other players in your market.

From design into reality

MJK Disc Productions will be pleased to turn your design into reality. For this purpose we work closely with printers specializing in printing for the CD and DVD market. They know about all the vital ingredients (competitive prices, high quality and short delivery times).

Contact us by sending us an e-mail, by sending us a message using our online contact form or call us (+32 (0)16 89 37 35 ) for more information about our graphical design services.


We can advise you on your choice for a specific type of packaging and therefore the most suitable printed matter. The only creative barrier is probably the print specifications for standard packaging for CD and standard packaging for DVD.

Paper printing basics

The paper that slides into the front of the jewel case is known as the “booklet“. It’s often a folder – but can also be stapled into a booklet. The paper in the back of the jewelbox is the “bottomcard.”


If the booklet is a single piece of paper with no folds, it’s called a 2-page booklet.
If you want a 4 page booklet, then you would have one fold. A 6-page booklet has 2 folds.


The CD sits in the “tray“.

Guidelines and specifications

Therefore we have dedicated some pages to the processes involved in preparing your graphical artwork for print.

You can access these pages by using the links listed in this print area.

Graphics and printing

MJK Disc wants to help you in understanding and managing the reproduction, printing and packaging of your CD or DVD releases. We are dedicated to providing you state of the art solutions and top quality services. To deliver a complete quality service for our CD- and DVD-producions, we also offer full graphical services for your artwork for print.

Digital printing

Print missions

Our goal is to provide our clients with reliability, top quality prints, quick delivery, and massive production capabilities, at the the best possible price.

Digital printing

Page soon available

Experienced in print and design

We can offer you an extremely wide capability for offset printing as well as graphic design.

Acrobat PDF

Acobat PDF

Adobe® Acrobat Reader® is software that lets you create, view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms.

Adobe® Acrobat

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0 Standard simplifies the creation and sharing of Adobe® PDF documents in a trustable and secure way.

Discover more about Adobe® PDF by clicking one of the Adobe® logo!

Document solutions

Whether files need to be shared across the office or around the globe, the Adobe® Acrobat® product family enables businesses to simplify document processes using Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).