CD and DVD logos

Should you decide to design your artwork yourself and not make use of our graphical services, do make use of our freely available templates to avoid problems.

We highly recommend you to read through at least our
guidelines and requirements
print specifications for CD
print specifications for DVD

Check out all the documents in this print area in case you have no experience preparing artwork for print or make use of our graphical services to save time and to avoid problems.

CD and DVD logos

Download the Compact Disc and DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) logos for your artwork here!

  • Right-click the link to the file needed and choose “Save as”.
  • Contact us by e-mail at info@mjk.be , via our online contactform or by phone at +32 (0)16 89 37 35 should you encounter problems with how to use these logos.
  • The compact disc logo is property of and licensed by Philips Electronics nv.
    The DVD logo is controlled by the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation of Japan.
    Please refer to their website and specifications and adhere to their terms and conditions if you decide to use their logo’s on your artwork.
EPS formaat
Compact Disc cd_logo.eps


Enchanced CD cd_enhanced_logo.eps


Parental Advisory parental_advisory.eps



(Digital Versatile Disc)



Use our DTP-services

If your files are designed and ready to go but you used Photoshop or a 3rd party template, send us your Photoshop or other image files (TIFF, BMP, EPS), font files or whatever else you have, and for an additional charge we can mount into our templates (based on workable formats).
Prices vary from project to project and depend on the amount of layout work is necessary.
Additional charges for any adjustments needed and inserts over 8 pages.

Contact us by using our online contact form or send us an e-mail for more information about our graphical design services. You can also call us at +32 (0)16 89 37 35.

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