Graphical services

High quality artwork

MJK Graphical Services has extensive experience in graphical design and DTP (DeskTop Publishing).
We guarantee a skillful design and layout of your graphical artwork for your optical disc production of choice.

Graphical services

High quality artwork

MJK Disc Productions offers high quality graphical services at cost-effective pricing.

Our graphical services help you with preparing your artwork for your duplication or replication project.
They include:

  • Page layout composition
  • Photo Scanning & Retouching
  • Graphics design
  • Logo design

CD artwork

Graphics design includes designing spec sheets, plans and diagrams of equipment, illustrations and figures.

Qualtiy results and customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our DTP department is equipped with advanced, up-to-date tools and software and is led by skilled professionals.

The design and layout of your artwork will be guided by creative thought and professional insight in order to satisfy your need for high quality artwork for your CD, DVD or Shaped-CD productions.

CD and DVD production

MJK Disc Productions has been specialized in CD duplication and replication for more than 10 years now.
DVD ‘s have recently completed our offer. We provide top quality CD and DVD Duplication or replication, depending upon your volumes.

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