DVD print specifications

Graphics and printing

MJK Disc wants to help you in understanding and managing the reproduction, printing and packaging of your DVD releases. We are dedicated to providing you state of the art solutions and top quality services.

Please consult our print area to take advantage of the information and tips that we want to share with you on this site.

Print specifications

DVD Duplication projects

For short-runs or volumes up to 300 units, we’ll use the following printing methods:

– digital printing (labels on top of the DVD)
– thermo-transfer full colour printing (printed directly on the DVD)

DVD Replication projects

For volumes starting from 351 units, we’ll use the following printing methods:

silkscreen (PMS / Spot Colors)
offset printing (CMYK)

Use our templates

Please do use our templates available for free in our print area in order to use the correct measurements for your printing material.

Print area

To offer you help with preparing the digital artwork for your printing material, we have provided layout guides and other useful DTP-related documents in our print area.
Please do read these documents carefully should you decide to prepare the artwork for print yourself.
We do recommend however to let us handle the printing material in case you have little or no experience with desktop applications and image manipulation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any remaining questions after having read through our documents or to request a quote for your DVD-production.

Quality artwork

MJK Disc Productions offers quality short-run CD and DVD duplicating services, including full graphical support and services at cost-effective pricing. All this in accordance with our high quality standards.

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