DTP Introduction

High quality printing

Our graphical design department can design and prepare all the artwork for you.

Contact us by e-mail at info@mjk.be
or by calling us at +32 (0)16 89 37 35 for more information about our graphical design services.

The production of printing is in many cases just as important as making the perfect CD or DVD. The printed matter in combination with the right packaging largely determines your products image. After all, you know which target group you wish to reach and the image you wish your product to portray. And, naturally, it is a way to distinguish your product from that of the other players in your market.

From design into reality

MJK Disc Productions will be pleased to turn your design into reality. For this purpose we work closely with printers specializing in printing for the CD and DVD market. They know about all the vital ingredients (competitive prices, high quality and short delivery times).

Contact us by sending us an e-mail, by sending us a message using our online contact form or call us (+32 (0)16 89 37 35 ) for more information about our graphical design services.


We can advise you on your choice for a specific type of packaging and therefore the most suitable printed matter. The only creative barrier is probably the print specifications for standard packaging for CD and standard packaging for DVD.

Paper printing basics

The paper that slides into the front of the jewel case is known as the “booklet“. It’s often a folder – but can also be stapled into a booklet. The paper in the back of the jewelbox is the “bottomcard.”


If the booklet is a single piece of paper with no folds, it’s called a 2-page booklet.
If you want a 4 page booklet, then you would have one fold. A 6-page booklet has 2 folds.


The CD sits in the “tray“.

Guidelines and specifications

Therefore we have dedicated some pages to the processes involved in preparing your graphical artwork for print.

You can access these pages by using the links listed in this print area.

Graphics and printing

MJK Disc wants to help you in understanding and managing the reproduction, printing and packaging of your CD or DVD releases. We are dedicated to providing you state of the art solutions and top quality services. To deliver a complete quality service for our CD- and DVD-producions, we also offer full graphical services for your artwork for print.

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