DVD Replication

DVD ‘s impact

DVD ‘s offer enormous memory capacity for pictures,
computer data, digital video and surround sound audio, 8 multi-language versions on 1 disc etc..
Durable material, many technical features and interactive!

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DVD Replication

DVD pressing

DVD Replication is based upon a ‘pressing’ process. This technology is used for quantities from 300 to 10.000 ‘s of units You can find more technical details by clicking on ‘how does a DVD work?’.

Digital Video discs

DVD Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is similar to that of CD-ROM where as a glass “stamper” is formed in order to produce a nickel “stamper”, which in turn makes the discs.
The final DVD disc can be a DVD-5, DVD-10 or DVD-9 depending on the data size and whether a double-sided disc is acceptable.

Disc thickness 1.2 mm 1.2 mm 1.2 mm
Number of sides 1 1 2
Number of layers 1 2 2
Capacity 4.7 Gb 8.5 Gb 9.4 Gb
Storage (min. of video) approx. 133 approx. 242 approx. 266


  • Very cost effective for larger quantities (300 units and up).


  • Because of the amount of time to set up each job, to produce the glass master etc., this method usually requires 8 to 10 working days to complete.
  • There are initial set up fees for film and artwork for each project.


Pricing depends largely upon the quantities you require and the printing/packaging options you choose.

For details about pricing click here, for special offers click here.

For a detailed quote, according to your specifications, please use our request for quote form.


Depending upon your technical level and resources, several approaches are possible:

Upon receipt of your print files, we’ll send you a PDF example for approval.
Once approved, we copy the discs and print the artwork.
Next step is mounting the disc, print material and housing followed by the packaging, shipment and quick delivery.


The presentation of your Digital Versatile Disc is very important and we guarantee very high quality printing materials.
More details available in our print area.


We offer you the standard options and offer personalized solutions if desired.

Production timing

Turnaround times vary between 8 to 10 days, depending upon the level of completeness of your deliverables. For printed artwork you can either provide your files yourself or use our experience and creativity.


Examples include:

  • Promotion materials
  • Presentations for shows, exhibitions etc.
  • Offline demo of your website
  • Training
  • Digital product catalogues
  • Multimedia games
  • Mass storage for distribution
  • Marketing actions
  • Photo albums
  • Software distribution
  • Audio and video distribution
  • etc…

DVD and the Internet

The interactive capability of the DVD-ROM allows you to link your menu selections to your website! In that way the content can continuously be updated.

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