DVD Production

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Do you want to inspire your customers? Attract their attention? Use a DVD for promotional gift, SLO-article, greater returns from mailings, sweepstakes, exhibition invitation, extras in a product catalog, firm portrait etc, etc..

Please explore the wealth of information about DVD production we have made available here online. You will find exactly what you need to know in order to take your project from concept to reality. Please fill in our RFQ forms for a personal quote or send us an e-mail at info@mjk.be.

Duplication or replication

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is the latest and most popular solution for audio, video and data storage.
We duplicate or replicate, print, and package your discs production which results in a product that can easily compete with your strongest competitor!
DVD ‘s hold more information than CD-ROMs and are designed for maximum impact.

Depending the volumes you wish to reproduce, we will use either duplication or replication for the reproduction of your discs.

Captivate your audience with High-Quality duplicated DVD ‘s from MJK Disc productions!


DVD technology allows for storage capacities 14 times greater than CD-ROM ‘s: from 4.7 to 17 Gigabytes. The encoding process converts both audio (MPEG-2 files) and video (AC-3 files) to DVD format. Authoring the disc involves the creation of menus, chapter breaks, supplementary audio tracks, sub-titles, and a variety of other features exclusive to DVD technology. Your disc can contain data on one or both sides and also has a "dual-level" feature available to increase the amount of information.

DVD-5 single layer one-sided 4.7 GB
DVD-9 double layer one-sided 8.5 GB
DVD-10 single layer double-sided 9.4 GB
DVD-18 double layer double-sided 17 GB


We offer attractive short run packages ( less than 300 units) for DVD duplication services . Those include packaging and printing services for completing your project!


DVD Replication is perfect for quantities above 500 units and takes about 8 to 14 days.
Standard service includes mastering, color proof, setup, up to 5 color silk-screen or offset printing and standard packaging (other options available).
Replication is an injection molding process that presses discs like former vinyl records.

We have yearlong experience duplicating and replicating and can either execute your orders strictly to your specifications or advise you in all aspects of production.

Development & mastering

Applications include:

  • Digital product catalogues
  • Multimedia games
  • Mass storage for distribution
  • Interactive brochures
  • Multimedia product presentations
  • Marketing actions
  • Photo albums
  • Software distribution
  • Audio and video
  • etc…

We outsource the development of applications to specialists in this field.

Production timing

Turnaround times can vary from 5 to 10 days, mainly depending upon the level of completeness of your deliverables.

Artwork printing

For disc and artwork printing, you can either provide your files yourself or use our experience and creativity for generating them.

DVD markets

The growth of the DVD market and consumer acceptance have turned them into a commodity product for both computer and entertainment markets. Unprecedented storage capacity, high video and audio possibilities as well as increased interactivity are opening up a wealth of new opportunities!

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