Shaped CD

Shaped CD ‘s

Today, you won’t impress new customers by using ‘old tricks’. That’s why MJK Disc Productions offers the Shaped CD!

Shaped CD ‘s

Custom designed CD ‘s

Shaped CD ‘s enhance your business or your organization by creating a unique form of communication. Your customers and clients will be impressed with a CD shaped into their product, company logo, or image.

Shaped CD / CD-ROM Business Cards

Shaped CD ‘s can be created to have pictures on them, a video clip showing you giving an introduction, an audio message, or even charts and graphs for a presentation.

Branding & Content delivery

Flowered disc

The Shaped CD offers a highly unique opportunity for branding and content delivery. They will bring your products, services and information to life with audio, video and graphical impact. We can create a CD in any shape you require. A Shaped disc is especially ideal for a Multimedia Business Card, a product launch or on-line access to websites and business portals.

CD Business Card

This innovative business card allows customers to have your company’s information in the ‘palm of their hand’. This media is smaller than an average compact disc, but can contain virtually anything you might want a potential client to know about your business.

Business Card CD

Shaped CD-Rom Business Card can hold up to 100 MB of multimedia including up to 45 minutes of video, 30,000 pages of text, or 10,000 web pages with pictures, and can be mailed at the cost of a regular letter.

Recordable Business Cards

MJK DP offers a Optical Business Card (OBC) for self recording.
The card capacity is 50 megabytes (63x80mm). The card meets ISO 9660 specifications.


  • Brochures
  • Training
  • Product launches & promotions
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Software demos
  • Trade shows
  • Product catalogs
  • Web content
  • Press kits
  • Programs/souvenirs
  • Invitations
  • Manuals
  • Audio/video presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Website marketing

MJK Disc Productions outsources the development of optical disc applications to specialists in this field.

Production timing

Turnaround times can vary between 10 to 15 days, mainly depending upon the level of completeness of your deliverables.

Artwork printing

For artwork printing, you can either provide your files yourself or use our experience and creativity for generating them.


Packaging varies from simple plastic sleeves to rudged PVC housing.
Please fill in our request for quote form for specific demands or contact us at +32 (0)16 89 37 35.


Pricing depends upon the particular shape you’re looking for, the artwork you desire to use, the housing and the requested volumes.

Use our request for quote form and we’ll send you our proposal.

Application examples

Language and visual information about your company and your products, videos, macro-media presentations, internet links and much more.

And you have from 30 to 100Mb disc capacity available!
Works with all standard CD players and CDROM drives.

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