e-nable your business

Do you want to inspire your customers? Attract their attention? Use a CD or DVD as a Promotional Corporate Gift, SLO-article, greater returns from mailings, sweepstakes, exhibition invitation, extras in a product catalog, firm portrait etc, etc.


Software for CD and DVD applications

The CD and DVD market is growing so swiftly that you must be familiar with a wide spread of Software Duplication applications for building your CD or DVD.
The expansion of CD-ROM & DVD technology and electronic publishing will continue to increase unabated. These developments make them a very suitable medium, not only for storing or archiving, but also for distributing data and information.
Multimedia CD or DVD applications like games, movies etc now have an excellent distribution medium.

CD and DVD Applications

Some examples of DVD ’s, DVD-ROM or DVD-R based applications:

  • Promotion materials
  • Presentations for shows, exhibitions etc.
  • Offline demo of your website
  • Training
  • Demo & test applicationsGadgets
  • Digital product catalogues
  • Encyclopaedia & Dictionaries
  • Multimedia games
  • Mass storage for distribution
  • CD Marketing actions
  • Photo albums
  • Software distribution
  • Reference works (Telephone books, Trade directories, Tourist information, etc.)
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Educational CD-Rom
  • Indexes en articles
  • and everything that can be digitized.

CD & DVD markets

Over the last 10 years CD ‘s, and more recently DVD ‘s, have become the most widely used media for storing, publishing and distribution of large amounts of data.

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