CD Replication

Superior quality

CD Replication is the most efficient process for reproducing larger volumes.
The fully automated high-speed ability of the machinery combined with the integrated computer Quality Control systems assures high-volume CD-ROM manufacturing with perfect quality.

For medium sized orders to the largest volume production, there is no better alternative than CD Replication.

CD Replication

CD pressing

CD Replication uses a ‘CD pressing’ process, for quantities from 300 to 10.000 ‘s of units. The content of your master CD is transferred to a ‘glassmaster’ which in turn is used for ‘pressing’ your data into pre-molded CD discs. This process is completely robotized and allows more economic production than the ‘burning’ process
More technical details about How a CD works.

Optical discs

The result of this process are high quality, good looking CD-ROM ‘s.


Depending upon your technical level and resources, several approaches are possible:

  • you provide the complete deliverables : master-CD, print files for CD cover, booklet and bottomcard. These should match our technical specifications which have been applied to our free templates.
  • you provide the master CD, but don’t know how to handle the print files. In that case you can rely on our graphical service specialists who will do the job for you.

    Upon receipt of your print files, we’ll send you a PDF example for approval. Once approved, we will proceed with copying the discs and printing your files.
    Next step is mounting the CD ‘s, print material and housing, followed by packaging and shipment.


  • Very cost effective for larger quantities (300 units and up).
    Most cost effective in quantities of 1000+


  • Because of the amount of time to set up each job this method usually takes 8 to 10 working days.
  • There are initial set up fees for film and artwork for each project. These are one time fees but if you make any changes for your next run these would again apply.

Printing and packaging

You can find more details about how to prepare your printing materials by reading the documents in our print area.
For details about the packaging of your discs please visit our packaging page.

Pressed discs packaging


Pricing depends upon the quantity and the printing/packaging options you choose.

More details about special offers and pricing.

For a detailed quote, please use our CD replication RFQ.

Production timing

Turnaround times can vary between 8 to 10 days, depending upon the level of completeness of your deliverables.
For the printing of your artwork, you can either provide your files yourself or rely on our experience and creativity.


Some examples of optical-disc based applications:

  • Promotion materials
  • Presentations for shows, exhibitions etc.
  • Offline demo of your website
  • Training
  • Gadgets
  • Digital product catalogues
  • Multimedia games
  • Mass storage for distribution
  • Marketing actions
  • Photo albums
  • Software distribution
  • Audio and video distribution

Final product

MJK Disc Productions outsources the development of optical disc applications to specialists in this field.

About CDR Replication

(Also called “pressing”)
Replication is the ideal process for reproducing mass quantities of CD ‘s or DVD ’s.
Because of the high level of automation, the cost per unit becomes very affordable for productions of 500 units upwards. Please fill in our RFQ-form. and we ’ll send you by return our competitive offer.

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