CD Packaging

Our packaging options

We offer various types of packaging for your CD productions and DVD productions .
We’ve listed the most common types, but other types or available on demand.

CD Packaging

Our packaging options

CD ‘s, CD-R ‘s, CD-ROM ‘s and DVD ‘s can be packed in various types of cases and sleeves.
Artwork can be printed simply in black & white or in up to five-colors.

For CD packaging we suggest the following standard solutions:

jewelbox packaging

  • Jewel case: standard plastic case (like for audio), with possibility to insert a booklet (up to 48 pages) and a bottomcard (aka “inlay”). Bottom trays can be black, white or transparent.
  • Slimline case: same as jewelbox, but thinner and only a booklet can be inserted.
  • Two-piece box: slightly thicker than slimline.
  • Carton sleeve: allowing 4 color printing on both sides.
  • Paper sleeve: most economical solution, with or without self adhering sticker.
  • Tinbox: carton box for 4 to 10 CD ’s.
  • Plastic sleeve: transparent, with or without flap

Booklets can be inserted into most of these packaging types.
The number of pages allowed for each types is indicated next to “Print Options” on our packaging page.
The booklets can either be “stapled” or “unstapled folders“.

Stapled booklets

Unstapled folder booklets

Indicating color

The RFQ forms ask you to indicate the coloring of your booklet (folder) and bottomcard:

4 x 1: CMYK color on one full side x B&W or grayscale reverse side

4 x 4: CMYK color on both sides

4 x 0: CMYK color on one full side x blanco reverse side

1 x 1: B&W or grayscale on each side

CD and paper printing

The presentation of your CD is very important and we guarantee very high quality printing materials for your project.
More details about preparing your printing files are available:

Price quotes help

4 x 1 printing
Below is the OUTSIDE of a booklet. Normally quoted as CMYK
or “4” (also “quadri” or full color). The cover or page 1 is on the right
so it booklets spine first.

1 color = Black or grayscale
Below are the INSIDE pages of a 4-page booklet. All inside pages are Normally quoted as grayscale or “1”.

4 x 4 printing
If you want color on the inside -select 4 x 4 printing.

About color and price quotes

  • There is no discount for B&W printing of booklets and bottomcards.
  • Carton sleeves are always quoted in CMYK color (4 x 0).
    PMS spot colors on cardboard must always be quoted.


Go to our packaging prices page to discover our competitive prices.

Our packaging pages

A full overview of our packaging options is available on our packaging options for CD and packaging options for DVD page.

Graphics and printing

MJK Disc wants to help you in understanding and managing the reproduction, printing and packaging of your CD or DVD productions.
We are dedicated to provide you state-of-the-art solutions and top quality services.

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