CD duplication

The best solution for smaller projects

CD duplication is the best solution if you are just starting a new project and need a reduced volume of CD’s for your business or private project. It applies the process of burning your content directly onto pre-existing CD-R media. CD Duplication saves you time and money on short-turn lower volume CD manufacturing (compared to CD replication).

CD Duplication

CD burning

CD duplication, using a burning process of CD-R ‘s is ideal for quantities smaller than 300 units. The content of your master disc is ‘burned’ onto high quality CD-R ‘s using standard optical disc writers of up to 24 speed. Technical details is available at "about how compact discs work". If you need volumes larger than 300, please visit our CD replication pages.

disc burning


  • Fast production!
    CD Duplication needs virtually no set up time. Glass masters and stampers are not needed so we can begin your project immediately. This process is perfect for quantities under 300 or for any quantity if fast turn around time is crucial. Projects are often turned around in 2 to 5 days.
  • Flexibility:
    You can order as few or as many as you need – the same with your paper inserts.
  • Initial set up fees are either non-existent or very minimal compared to pressing.

disc burning


  • Cost is more per unit than pressed discs, although when you compare the total project cost this is often the way to go! As long as the volumes remain limited.
  • Procedure

    Depending upon your technical level and resources available, several approaches are possible:

    • you provide the complete deliverables : master disc, print files for the artwork on the cover, booklet and bottomcard. These should match our technical specifications which are applied to our free templates.
    • you provide the master disc, but don’t know how to handle the print files. In that case you can rely upon our graphics specialists who will do the job for you.
    • we support you in building your master disc and the print files. For more details visit our Development page.

    PDF screen proof

    Upon receipt of your print files, we’ll send you a PDF proof for approval.
    Once approved, we proceed with the copying of the discs and the printing of your files.
    Next step is mounting the discs, print material and housing, followed by the packaging and the shipment of the final product to your address.

    Production timing

    Turnaround times can vary between 2 to 8 days, mainly depending upon the level of completeness of your deliverables.


    Pricing depends largely upon the quantities you require and the printing/packaging options you choose.

    For details about pricing click here, for special offers click here.

    For a detailed quote, according to your specifications, please use our request for quote– form.

    About CD duplication

    Also called ‘burning’, it is the way to creating compact discs individually rather than ‘stamping ‘ them.
    A regular compact disc is removed from the production line before any data is put on it. We then burn the content onto them with state-of-the-art disc-burners. Your discs are then ready to be printed, packaged and delivered quickly.

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